​Leadership Coach &
Communication Artist​

AKA @millcoach

​​ “Sarah’s never ending energy always motivated me to find new ways to be a better young professional. Her expertise and training prepared me for many challenges I would later face in my career. As I begin my career search Sarah’s coaching has made me more marketable and better prepared to enter the work force.” John W.

Sarah J. Bohnenkamp

If you read my personal Twitter profile you'll see "I'm a momma of two lil love muffins. Wife. Singer (and bad guitar player). Leadership Coach. Developer. Dreamer. Horse lover. Follow my coaching page ‪@millcoach."

If you read my resume, you’ll see in the nearly 20 years since earning my BA degree, I've successfully performed in formal leadership roles in every organization in which I've worked. I quickly climbed the ladder of corporate leadership success, serving most recently as an Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer in the beef industry (an industry that I did NOT grow up in). 

You’ll also notice that I've been certified to facilitate a slew of personal and professional development programs to help drive corporate leadership engagement and that I'm an often sought after speaker and leadership development trainer.

If you talk to me, I’ll simply tell you that today I'm finally living the mantra of “I will because ICAN!” and that I'm enthusiastically saying “YES” to my true purpose of encouraging leaders and entrepreneurs to do majorly #EpicShit in this world.

How am I doing this? I offer honest, motivating, and soul-centered coaching programs, workshops and keynotes.

I encourage accountability, no excuses, and total mind, body, spirt alignment.    

I believe that young rockstar leaders don’t have to be like unicorns!

I'm committed to living my passion- ---leading dynamic rockstars who are ready to blaze trails of EPIC proportions!

Read my blog: The Lead Mare.